Coronavirus : en Argentine, coup de massue pour une économie à l’agonie La quarantaine obligatoire a été décrétée dans le pays, qui traverse une grave crise économique et sociale depuis 2018 Since Argentina’s return to democracy in 1983, free-market reforms, accountability, low taxation, and de-regulation are precisely the reforms needed. As in other countries, the full impact of the virus lockdown will only be seen during the second-quarter. Argentinians lost their faith in Juan Bautista Alberdi, the famous classic liberal Argentinian philosopher, decades ago with the advent of Peronism and the onset of dictatorial power which has led to a mix of socialism and unionization of the economy that is jeopardizing the country’s natural resources and rather creating corruption, clientelism, and the most hardcore crony capitalism. Argentina could record its sharpest one-year GDP decline ever in 2020, Source: 1901-2013 data from University of Buenos Aires' ARKLEMS + Lands Project; 2013-2020 data from INDEC, NOTE: 2020 figure based on Alberdi Partners forecast. La crise argentine est une grande crise économique, politique et sociale survenue en Argentine entre 1998 et 2002, et dont certaines conséquences se prolongent jusque dans les années 2010. I analyze the crossroads on how rule of law, intellectual property rights and international relations impact the global economy. En effet, presque tous les Gouvernements de la région ont pris des mesures pour freiner la propagation du virus qui ont un impact négatif sur l’activité économique. Under this economic deficiency, the pandemic lockdown, and anti-market measures, Argentina will face another tough round of negotiations with the IMF with the hope to replace a $57 billion lending deal from 2018. Parmi tous les pays qui n’ont pas les moyens d’investir massivement pour aider leur population à traverser la crise de la COVID-19, il y a Cuba. With its high corporate income tax in the region at 30% against the regional average of 27,6 % “Argentina is one of the less attractive markets in Latin American” Jonas Torrico director of  Asociación Argentina De Contribuyentes says “not only for national but also foreign corporations.” While the entire world is moving forward in reducing corporate taxes since 1980 Argentina is moving backward with no intention of implementing tax simplification and tax reduction, as seen with the USA in 2017 when the Trump administration reduced the corporate tax from 35% to 21% making the USA the most competitive economy in the world in 2018 according to the World Economic Forum. Situation Economique Huitième pays du monde par sa superficie (2,8 M km², soit plus de 5 fois la France), l’Argentine représente la 4 e plus grande population d’Amérique Latine (40 M d’habitants selon le recensement de 2010, après 37 M recensés en 2001), derrière le Brésil, le Mexique et la Colombie. Une option pourtant pas forcément évidente dans cet univers à la volatilité extrême. Statistiques économiques et sociales sur la Grèce de 2020. Socialist measures such as containing prices during high inflation periods are not strategies unheard of by past Argentinian governments. Terrorist attacks in Argentina can’t be ruled out. Pour mieux comprendre la situation économique et sociale de la Grèce aujourd'hui, INFO-GRECE vous fournit une analyse graphique réalisée à partir des données statistiques officielles les plus récentes, mises à jour en temps réel. President Alberto Fernandez’s government banned companies from laying off employees. Argentina was facing a third year of recession in 2020 even before the coronavirus hit. Have a confidential tip for our reporters? Economic indicators show a country running behind the most advanced economies of the world, including the G20. Worst-case scenario sees Argentina shrinking a record 13%, GDP data Tuesday to show economy returned to 2010 levels. Nous con… • Le nombre de demandeurs d’emploi diminuerait de 23.400 unités en 2019 et 14.000 unités en 2020. Le stablecoin DAI – Arme de lutte contre la crise économique en Argentine. LATAM airlines, a Santiago-based carrier, shuttered domestic operations last week after 15 years in Argentina, citing an array of operating problems, including a 30% tax on purchases abroad. The pandemic prompted the government to order a strict lockdown on March 20 that some observers say the new administration has no clear strategy for lifting. The government “went into quarantine and they don’t know how to get out, and that lack of conviction about to how to get out produces even more economic costs.”, ARGENTINA REACT: Worst to Come as GDP Falls to Lowest Since 2010. Updates with first-quarter GDP and unemployment data in 6th paragraph. It is expanding state control over the price of more than 2,000 consumer goods, with plans to impose prices freezes on TVs, mobile phones, the internet, and telecommunications in general by end of the year. En 2019, le taux de chômage en Argentine était de 9,8 % ; le FMI prévoit toutefois que cette tendance sera légèrement affectée par l'impact économique négatif de la pandémie de COVID-19, le taux étant actuellement estimé à 10,9 % pour 2020 et restant stable à 10,1 % en 2021. Argentina, one of the richest countries in the world during the first 50 years of the twentieth century, is facing another economic crisis. (Photo by Gustavo Garello/Jam Media/Getty Images), According to Agustín Etchebarne, president of Libertad Y Progreso, an influential free-market think tank based in Buenos Aires “Argentina is in the midst of the worst economic and social crisis since the return of democracy in 1983. 28 December 2020 Updated: 24 ... the whole of Argentina based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. One of the most pessimistic estimates is from Marcos Buscaglia, co-founder of Buenos Aires-based consulting firm Alberdi Partners and former chief Latin America economist at Bank of America Corp, who sees activity shrinking 13%. La situation en Argentine alimente une ... une profonde crise économique qui s’aggrave : la situation en Argentine alimente ... et les analystes estiment qu’elle atteindra 43,9% fin 2020. L'économie de l'Argentine se caractérise par de nombreuses richesses naturelles, une main-d'œuvre très qualifiée, ainsi qu'une agriculture orientée vers l'exportation, un tissu industriel diversifié et une distribution des revenus peu inégale selon le coefficient de Gini. But an economic freeze makes things worse for both consumers and foreign investors. during a protest against government-ordered lockdown and its economic consequences at the Obelisk on August 17, 2020 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - AUGUST 17: Demonstrator wearing a face mask waves an Argentinian flag ... [+] during a protest against government-ordered lockdown and its economic consequences at the Obelisk on August 17, 2020 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fernandez’s government has also tightened currency controls that make it difficult to exchange pesos for dollars. Argentina was facing a third year of recession in 2020 even before the coronavirus hit. Voici les chiffres de l’Algérie. The Economy Ministry didn’t reply to a comment request. We expect a W shape recovery meaning that next year we anticipate a double bottom alongside an acceleration in inflation.”. Consultez l’ensemble des articles, reportages, directs, photos et vidéos de la rubrique Argentine publiés le lundi 28 décembre 2020. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Situation économique et financière en 2019 et perspectives en 2020 Point mensuel de conjoncture janvier 2020 La résilience de l’économie sénégalaise : Quelles politiques publiques en réponses aux chocs exogènes ? I am VP of International Affairs for Americans for Tax Reform, a Washington D.C. based advocacy and policy research group working for lower taxes and free market policies. However, slight improvements have been experienced with Macri’s government that adopted moderate economic reforms that have increased investment and financial freedom in Argentina. économique qui serait de -3,2% en 2020 contre 3,1% en 2019, même si le continent semble moins touché que les autres. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report Argentina ranks 83 out of 141 while according to the Trade Barrier Index it ranks globally 71 out of 86 and regionally 14 out of 16. It is difficult to mark the exact origin of the economic and political decline in Argentina even though in 1914 the Argentinian GDP was higher than that of Germany and one of the richest countries in the region. You may opt-out by. Publié le 28/12/2020 à 05:10, ... Selon Natalucci, la situation argentine est "complexe". The economy contracted 4.8% in the first quarter from the previous three months, returning to levels last seen at end-2009, while unemployment rose to 10.4% in the same period, according to government data published Tuesday. Le retour au pouvoir des péronistes risque de compliquer un peu plus l'équation entre le pays et ses créanciers, alors que la troisième économie d’Amérique latine n'en finit plus de sombrer. L'Argentine a commencé mardi sa campagne de vaccination contre le nouveau coronavirus avec le vaccin russe Spoutnik V, devenant le premier pays d'Amérique latine à … ... Les cryptomonnaies stables ont rencontré un succès sans précédent durant cette année 2020 qui s’achève. L'économie du Québec a été durement frappée par les mesures de confinement et par l'arrêt brusque imposé à plusieurs secteurs d'activité. I am also executive director of Property Rights Alliance, an advocacy policy group in charge of publishing the International Property Rights Index. The current government, which supports leftist ideology and economic nationalism, is instead moving backward. South America’s second largest economy is expected to contract for a second year in 2019 and a third in 2020. Yet, forecasts for a near double-digit decline aren’t outliers. La balance courante devrait devenir légèrement positive en 2020, car l’économie devrait rester en récession (ce qui implique un faible niveau d’importations) et les exportations devraient continuer à augmenter en raison des bonnes récoltes attendues cette année et de la dynamique économique … ... l'Argentine au bord du gouffre économique et social But even that doesn’t capture the full damage. Back then, from the peak of activity in June 1998 to bottoming out in March 2002, the economy contracted 21%. Argentina needs to defrost the economy and make it reliable by cutting spending and implementing an outstanding package of economic reforms to make the country competitive again. Algérie – Le rapport, du Fonds Monétaire international, sur les perspectives économiques mondiales pour le mois en cours, a été publié ce 14 avril dans un contexte mondial frappé par une « crise sanitaire qui impacte sévèrement l’activité économique ». A year-end result in line with those estimates would rival the economy’s record plunge of 2002, when gross domestic product fell 10.8%, according to data compiled by University of Buenos Aires academics Ariel Coremberg, Daniel Heymann and Pablo Gerchunoff. “Having no room for half-baked solutions Argentina will have to choose between a huge reform or become another failed country such as Venezuela.” Etchebarne says, “I’m confident that we will choose wisely.”. (Photo by Gustavo Garello/Jam Media/Getty Images), EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation With Forbes Insights, A Wish For 2021: Roll Back Border Socialism, Covid’s Lesson: Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others, The Biden-Harris Team Needs Benefit-Cost Analysis, The Bourgeois Deal Summarized In An Infographic, Civil Service Reform Is Needed But Trump’s Lame Duck Initiative Is Not The Answer (And Could Make Things Worse), In Memoriam: Walter E. Williams, 1936-2020, Midnight In The Garden Of Rules And Regulations, froze the price, in August 2019, of oil products, USA the most competitive economy in the world in 2018. Social isolation and restrictions continue in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area after 150 days of quarantine. la situation économique et financière du Québec de l’automne 2020; — 4,0 milliards de dollars pour des mesures déployées depuis le Portrait de la situation économique et financière 2020-2021 . Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Le Service Economique Régional pour le Cône Sud assure la promotion des relations économiques, financières et commerciales bilatérales entre la France et les pays de la zone (l'Argentine, l'Uruguay, le Paraguay et le Chili en appui au Service Economique de Santiago pour ce dernier). QUÉBEC, le 19 juin 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - Le ministre des Finances, M. Eric Girard, a fait le point aujourd'hui sur la situation financière du Québec, trois mois après le début de la crise provoquée par la pandémie de COVID-19. Covid Variant in U.S.; Biden to Speed Vaccinations: Virus Update, U.S. Vaccinations at 200,000 a Day Run Far Short of ‘Warp Speed’, AstraZeneca-Oxford Covid Vaccine Gains First Clearance With U.K. Nod, U.S. Stocks Drop After Hope Fades for Expanded Aid: Markets Wrap, U.S. Stocks Set for a Rebound, Dollar Weakens: Markets Wrap. Infection pulmonaire – Coronavirus Covid-19 (24/12/2020) Le 11 mars, l’OMS a qualifié de « pandémie » l’épidémie de coronavirus Covid-19 (voir liste des pays concernés et chiffres sur le site du Centre européen de prévention et de contrôle des maladies).. A la date du 24 décembre, la situation sanitaire en Argentine est contrastée. “This is going to be the worst, this year is completely lost,” said Gerardo della Paolera, an Argentine economic historian. TABLEAU A.2 Impact financier des initiatives pour gérer la crise et relancer l’économie depuis mars 2020 (en millions de dollars) Activité économique nationale perturbée par la Covid-19 Au plan national, la Côte d’Ivoire a enregistré son premier cas de contamination le 11 mars 2020 et le nombre de contaminations s’est accru au second trimestre. ... elle se contractera de 1,2 % en 2019 et la récession se prolongera jusqu’en 2020. This situation seemed promising compared with other countries in the region. Argentina has one of the most unionized economies not only in South America but also in the world. Toute l’actualité sur le sujet Argentine. The Peronist government is using Covid-19 to keep the country in one of the world’s longest and detrimental lockdowns. Argentina’s private sector lost 91,000 jobs in April, the worst one-month collapse since at least 2003. Looking at seasonally adjusted monthly data, Argentina’s current downturn is sharper than the economic collapse between 1998 and 2002, when the country’s currency peg system collapsed.